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The Different Types of Bug Sweeping Equipment Available

Covert snooping has unfortunately become common because of equipment available for purchase on the internet. This is almost entirely unregulated space. Moreover, the suppliers often cloak their business as a legitimate activity. Anybody in Australia is open to a surveillance attack. Fortunately, we have technical countermeasures in the form of electronic bug sweeping equipment. This comes in a variety of different designs. [ Visit here  ]

The Technology Behind the Latest Bug Sweeping Tools

VHF, UHF, GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Devices are popular for sweeping vehicles, offices, and homes. Smartphone, camera, and vehicle trackers complement these in mobile situations. Sophisticated professional equipment surveys larger areas and has wide frequency ranges to detect advanced bugs. Detectives use bug-sweeping equipment to search for eavesdropping bugs on computers, and also simple tasks like detecting a cell phone signal in a boardroom.

  • Hand-held, wideband digital RF detectors have standard and directional antennas to track video, cellular, listening, and tracking activity.
  • More advanced cellular activity monitoring equipment extends this to covert 4G cameras. They are common in exam halls and high security prisons
  • Hand-held dual mode wideband RF and GSM tracers have dual detectors to monitor wideband, and cellular independently from miniature transmitters
  • Even more advanced semi-static equipment uses pulse detection to alert for momentary signals, for example SMS messages
  • At the other end of the size spectrum, there are pocket devices able to detect battery and mains power bugs, mobile telephones, telephone bugs, etc.

While this equipment is also available on the internet, it does need a person to operate it correctly, and interpret the signals and reports. We have had cases where clients did their own bug sweeping first but incorrectly failed to detect anything. While most of them did not face substantial losses, one suffered dearly until we put a stop to it.

Bug Sweeping Services by QLD Covert Investigations

We have a team of professional specialist bug sweepers with state-of-art latest monitoring and listening equipment. They use this to inspect modems and computers, network cables, mobile phones, and telephone equipment in offices, workshops, and homes.

The insider threat is one of the greatest risks Australian businesses and other enterprises face. Nowadays this are not only disenchanted employees. It could also be a bug planted in a flowerbed outside your window, behind the dashboard in your car, or heaven forbid under your bed. If you are bleeding money, stock, or information inexplicably, speak to us now.

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