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Surveillance in Brisbane – How to Know the Truth

Some of us go through life with our hope in humankind intact, although our trust in our compatriots may have a few large dents. Each time we log onto a news site, the links confront us with stories of labour unrest, partnership fraud, messy divorces, people trafficking, and child abuse we wish that we could stop. Part of our concern is down to the electronic media. News travels so fast nowadays that it conveys the impression that chaos is all around us. Read more –

Surveillance in Brisbane – A Modern Toolbox

Edwin Snowden blew the lid off the American secret service when he revealed how it shadows internet and telephone networks. By contrast, we accept surveillance cameras as part of life, although we would be horrified if someone placed one in the roof space of our house. Our biggest worry is that surveillance devices like these are often available from Internet webstores.

Marketing media have developed methods to track where we go on the internet, while cyber thieves can find files on our computers we thought we had destroyed. Aerial drones have added another layer to invasion of our privacy. Surveillance in Brisbane – and everywhere else for that matter is alive and well. It is time to fight back, know the truth and reclaim our right to protect our information.

How to Keep Our Business Data Secure

Perhaps that should read ‘more secure’ because technology is changing constantly. That said, a competent private detective should be able to identify, and disable, most bugs in a commercial office. There are three ways to begin bug sweeping. These are:

  1. Wait until your private and business information is in the wrong hands
  2. Commission a bug sweep because something ‘does not seem quite right’
  3. Ask QLD Covert Investigations to do random bug sweeps at work and home

The latter option is to be preferred because it is proactive, not reactive, and has the best chance of keeping you a step ahead of data thieves. When we conduct surveillances in Brisbane, our clients know the truth regarding whether they are under observation, or not. From there, we take the investigation further on request, and identify the culprit(s) for possible litigation in the courts.

QLD Covert Investigations assists clients by identifying, and disabling / removing undercover surveillance bugs of all kinds. Our services are discreet and we leave no traces behind where we have been. Call us at 1300 553 788 or email at  if something does not seem quite right to you – or you have other reasons to be concerned.

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