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Private Investigation in Brisbane – Your Options

Private investigation in Brisbane – and the other east coast areas that we serve in – is a mushrooming business and no wonder. Our police are facing challenges we never imagined previously. Their resources are seriously overstretched and they can concentrate only on core business. In the past ten years we have seen many private investigators come and go.

Is Business Registration a Guide?

A business registration is exactly that: an authority to carry out a particular enterprise from a specified address. City regulators quite rightly skirt around quality of delivery, believing that customers should pass judgement. Inevitably they do, but where to turn to for advice about an industry that by definition operates underground?

Who Regulates Private Investigation in Brisbane Then?

The short answer is nobody does, although a credible voluntary registration system is alive and working well. There are two arms to this. These align with the two main sectors of the private security industry.

*  QLD Covert Investigations is a full member of the Australian Institute of Private Detectives. This means we have convinced an independent panel that we meet exacting standards of conduct during a two-year review. This is no easy target to achieve. Please click on code of ethics for details.

 *  Our sister company Qld Diamond Security complements our efforts by providing licensed support through protection services, guarding patrols and related employee relations matters under the umbrella of the Australia Security Association Limited.

Other security companies may leave you with a gap in their offerings. We offer comprehensive coverage for all your private investigation requirements in Brisbane. Please contact us at any time you need us. We will be on duty when you call.

QLD Covert Investigations Pedigree

We have been conducting private investigations in Brisbane and further afield for more than 11 years, during which time we have amassed experience of local conditions. Our reputation for saving cases locally, Australia-wide and internationally is buttressed by the professional associations we mentioned, and the calibre of our highly trained, fully registered operatives.

Keep This Handy For When You Need Assistance

Our control room never closes. Call us on 0401 553 551 at any time you like. We will answer promptly, and listen to your concerns. We do not charge for an initial half-hour consultation during which we explore ways that we can assist. If it is inconvenient to talk us right now, please visit our website where you can leave a message. We are here to help you with a private investigation in Brisbane and anywhere else the trail leads.

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