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Modern Bug Sweep / TSCM Tools

The abbreviation TSCM is American defence security jargon for Tactical Security Counter Measures which we’ll unpick first. ‘Surveillance’ means monitoring or observing, while ‘Counter Measures’ are things we do to prevent it. Finally, ‘Technical’ is a confirmation that we are talking electronic measures and countermeasures.

Contrary to what the general public thinks, electronic spying in commerce is fairly common, especially when competition is tough or you have proprietary information, strategies or designs. The equipment is not difficult to source over the internet. Indeed, some in our counterparts have little compunction using it.  It follows that any private eye worth their salt needs advanced bug sweep / tscm training (and the equipment that goes with it too).

The potential for these ‘spy-versus-spy’ tools is almost endless. A bug can intercept your phone calls and emails, report passwords hidden deep inside your computer, record strategic conversations in your boardroom, and even pick up what your technicians are saying in the staffroom. That’s why it is essential to call QLD Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788 the instant you suspect something might be amiss.

If you do, we will accompany you to your premises after hours when they are deserted (a trusted employee might be behind the problem) and conduct a comprehensive bug sweep / tscm scan. Sometimes we find recording equipment and wipe its memory before we remove it. The transmitters are deadlier because the information is already sent.

If you have a business that is sensitive to information theft, then we value the opportunity to debate the possibility of random bug sweeps / tscm probes with you. We are not fishing for your business (although we would love to benefit from it). It’s just the alternative can be extremely painful, especially after the horse has bolted with your data.

That’s why we believe you ought to scan your environment for early signs of bugging. The classic situation is when a competitor steals a march with a strategy that seems remarkably similar to yours. However, you ought to be equally alert for shadows in light fittings, electricity outlets that are misaligned, and cables outside the building you don’t recognise.

QLD Covert Investigations is on standby to help ward off this strategic threat. Our solutions range from strategizing, to one-off bug sweeps / tscm investigations, to regular surveys at random times. Please call our central control point from a remote phone on 1300 553 788 if you suspect your office is being bugged. Security threats merit early attention. We have agents on duty throughout the night.

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