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Missing Persons – Locating People the Systematic Way

We’re not sure who said it first, but they got it right when they said detective work is 90% hard work and 10% flashes of inspiration. In fact, QLD Covert Investigations would have it no other way, because we know the secrets to success in our game are thoroughness and persistence. And that’s especially true when it comes to missing persons and locating people with a success rate we are proud of.

People ‘vanish’ for a variety of different reasons. The key to finding them is figuring out the motivator behind this, since this is often the best indication of where they might have gone. We decided to unpack a range of scenarios in case you find yourself in a similar dilemma, and need advice. We are not saying that these are mutually exclusive. In reality, there are usually overlaps. This makes searching for missing persons – and locating people successfully – more complex than it may seem at first.

Involuntary Acts – Here we speak of kidnapping, child abuse, abductions and enforced elopements / marriages. Kidnappers usually give themselves away eventually from frustration. In the other situations the parties are known to each other, and therein lies the clue to finding missing persons – and locating people …

 Emotional Responses – These usually involve our teens during the years they are coming to terms with who they are, and preparing themselves for adulthood. When they disappear they thankfully don’t go far, although there are exceptions. Their friends are often willing to discreetly disclose their whereabouts to an impartial private investigator …

Deliberate Departures – Adult relationships can reach the point where one party cannot see a future in continuing with them. Some of our most challenging cases have involved spouses who took care to cover their tracks. Sometimes these are best left alone to make their own decisions. However they often leave clues behind in the last precipitating weeks …

 Passive Disappearances – These are the challenges we face when tracing older, missing persons – and locating people who are passing the middle stages of dementia. While their short-term memories are fading, their long-term recollections remain intact, and so the clue to finding them lies in following them down memory lane …

We have had notable success in finding all of these categories of missing persons – and locating people in order to reunite them with their loved ones. If you would like a confidential chat concerning a friend or family member who apparently has vanished, then please call QLD Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788 when convenient.

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