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Is There a Case for Bug Sweeping

It can be eerie discovering someone has violated your personal or business environment. Knowing that unseen ears are listening to your thoughts is scary. As you come to terms with your home, car, office or phone no longer being private space you realise the enormity of the damage. Your biggest regret may be not having bug sweeping done previously.

The Case for a Bug Sweep Service

Cybercrime is the latest weapon used by governments on governments. Everybody is doing it because everybody else is doing so. You can buy electronic taps on the internet for a few dollars. Can you can afford days examining everything under a magnifying glass? If not, you need someone to do professional bug sweeping on your behalf.

The Internet of Things

Sensors, actuators and chips in motor cars, photocopiers, and hvac systems enable them to send messages to owners and service providers. If a wi-fi router is nearby someone can hack them and reprogram them. Read this report to learn how sophisticated cybercrime has become.

About Bug Sweeping

Bug sweeping seeks out a device and eliminates it. This could in a computer, a home, a car, a phone, an office or business premises. A tactical counter surveillance specialist uses a variety of methods. They may not know what they are looking for until they find it. Depending on the circumstances, they may deploy the following:

  • Multi meters that measure power flow across power supplies and devices
  • Reflectometers that check integrity of phone / communication cables
  • Frequency scanners that detect signals in the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Spectrum analysers that explore potentially threatening rf signals
  • Portable x-ray machines that peer inside suspicious walls and objects
  • Thermal imaging that looks for hot spots above ambient temperatures
  • Virus scanning of computers and associated equipment.

The Case for Bug Sweeping

Most enterprises benefit from bug sweeps in hot spots. Examples are project labs and boardrooms. Other requirements are need-driven. These can be on the rebound from private information appearing in public space. An investigative service should treat a callout as a speculative enquiry. Agents must spend time debating the reasons for physical bug sweeping. There must be justification for the cost whether this involves a home, a car, an office or a piece of equipment.

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