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Innovative New Ways to Find Missing Persons

Technology and our modern way of doing things have proved to be a two-edged sword, as our youth struggle to come to terms with themselves, and resist temptation. The internet is as good as any example of this. It has unblocked the flow of knowledge. At the same time, it has opened doors to child abuse that did not exist before.

Take YouTube for example. This has become the scourge of many parents, who are no longer sure of what their children have been getting up to with their cell phone cameras. Some wish to ban it completely. Google’s answer is that would simply drive the practice underground. We have to learn to use technology wisely.

Federal Technology Breakthrough

Our Federal Police recently gave us a good example in this regard. During Missing Persons Week, they teamed with marketing giant VML to post an individual video of all 1,600 long-term missing Australians on the YouTube site. They called the project “The Missing Persons Pre-Roll”. This version meant they only had to pay when people actually watched.

This policy allowed them to count every one of the 1.2 million viewers who did so. Of these, 238 chose to report that they had seen a person in a video. This produced at least 238 leads. However it is too early to decide whether the Federal Police are going to find missing persons more effectively this way.

The Key to Finding Missing Persons

The Missing Persons Pre-Roll made another significant point. Statisticians estimate that twelve people are grievously affected when one vanishes. This totals 19,200 Australians affected by the 1,600 long-term missing people. The number of responses was just 1.2% of that.

Manifestly, some friends and family members will have passed on. Many others have drifted away from the spotlight to get on with their own lives in privacy. Trails go cold quickly. This is why QLD Covert Investigations constantly beats the drum that urgent action is essential, if we are to reunite all missing people with their loved ones.

New Initiative to Find Missing Persons

We recently launched a sister company called Missing Persons in Australia under the umbrella of our parent organization QCI Group of Companies. This allows an even sharper focus for our efforts to find missing persons, and close these complex cases. Our task is not restricted to young people who have vanished, and we have been notably successful in all these cases:

DebtorsFamily   PetsTenants
Past   PartnersBusiness   AssociatesClaimants
Natural   ParentsOld   School PalsWitnesses

How to Contact Us

We are active throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and are contactable on 1300 553 788 or via a web enquiry form. Our methods are discreet and we take care to respect people’s privacy. If you need to find a missing person, please call us and we’ll arrange to meet.

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