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Infidelity Private Investigations

How an Infidelity Investigations Detective Finds Cheating Spouses

An infidelity investigations detective may sound a little over the top at first. Some clients imagine an individual with their hat pulled down, and their collar turned up peering through windows with a magnifying glass when we meet. Nothing could be further from the truth of course! [ Read more here: ]

An infidelity investigations detective from our team comes across like a regular mate you may have chatted with in a supermarket queue, without the thought crossing your mind. Their task has become more like a technologist than a Sherlock Holmes complete with bloodhound, because they do most of their work on the internet, Although, they will photograph an unfaithful spouse to confirm their findings.

The Shades of Grey Our Infidelity Investigations Detective Traces

Grand romances begin in Hollywood movies in our experience. Unfaithfulness is far more likely to start with exploring soft porn late at night while the rest of the family is asleep. The beginning of the great deceit may be as small as “honey I am just writing to a client thanking them for something. Go to sleep.” However, their next move could be a visit to an internet chartroom where they flirt with real people, not photos.

Wandering spouses learn to find people living in the same town where one of them eventually says, “I like you. Shall we meet for coffee at this place?’ One thing leads to another until they lock into an illicit romance they may never have intended. If you think you have an unfaithful spouse you could call Qld Covert Investigations in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia on 0401 553 551 for advice. We could put an infidelity investigations detective on your case right away, once we have completed the formalities.

What Exactly Does an Infidelity Investigations Detective Do?

We begin on the internet, because flirtations and enduring relationships are most likely to begin there. Sooner or later, the parties start sharing selfies on social media, and we have ways of finding these. Once we know who the other party is, we scan their profiles for contact details, and messages for clues of the places they frequent, and on what days and times.

We are often able to provide clients with date and time-stamped photos of suspect couples in a matter of days. Then it is up to them to decide what to do with evidence. Here are our contact details, if you would like to know more about what we could do for you soon.

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