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Infidelity Investigations & How to Tell if You Need One

World media have been busy recently uncovering old scandals. Some famous names in entertainment have been under the spotlight. In many cases, their partners, employers, and friends ‘had no idea this was going on’. Unfaithfulness is as old as human relationships. We have a body of knowledge to share about common behaviour patterns that trigger infidelity investigations. [ Read more here ]

The Four Things Indicating Fidelity Investigations

1  The man or woman in your life starts changing

Settled, stable couples enjoy relationships where they share everything and are comfortable together. If your partner starts dressing smarter when going shopping alone or leaving for work, ask yourself ‘who are they trying to impress’. Why did they upgrade to fashionable skivvies, or splash out on expensive new deodorant.

 2  Your partner develops an obsession for texting and selfies

 Lovers call to chat, and besides, they know that their partner in all their guises already. If your other half starts silent messaging when they think you are asleep at night, infidelity investigations start making sense. If you cannot access their phone history anymore, the truth is taking shape before your eyes.

 3  You Get an Explosive Reaction When You Try to Find Out More

 It is only human nature to hope for the best, and find a positive reason for change. If you try to discuss the changes – perhaps complement them – and they spin off into a rage then something may have gone seriously wrong with your relationship. You think it may not be too late to recover the situation. You try not to increase the fighting, but nothing seems to help.

 4  Crunch Time Comes When They Storm Out the House

 A cheating partner may deliberately cause a crisis that leads to a screaming match before they storm out the house for the night. You are left traumatised. What did you do wrong, you wonder, how did it come to this. You are on your way to becoming an abused spouse. It is time to consider how infidelity investigations bring things into the light so you really know.

We Follow Through with Infidelity Investigations in Confidence.

Perhaps it is best to let a trusted investigator uncover the truth, on a night when you roll over again in the face of a blatant lie. QLD Covert Investigations has been probing into similar cases for fifteen years. Rather leave it to us to find out what is going on. Call 1300 553 788, or 0401 553 551 after hours. Speak to our infidelity investigations team about how we can help.
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