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How to Optimise the Benefits of Bug Sweeping

Electronic bugs are becoming increasingly common in Australia, as dishonest people tap into the underworld of bugs. Sweeping is indicated if there are concerns about disgruntled employees, or if an ex staff member unexpectedly pops up in competition. Further reasons are when partners fall out and the business breaks up, or if there is a legal battle on with a third party

Warning signs include:

           *  Intellectual property theft

           *  Loss of key customers to a competitor

           *  Another firm beats you to market with a similar idea.

Things to Watch Out For

Bugs often attach to telephone lines. In this case, be alert for volume fluctuations or clicking sounds. Keep an eye out for an unfamiliar vehicle frequently parked outside in the street, or a technician frequently working on a network box on a nearby pavement. You may sometimes see a narrow gap around a wall socket, or notice that it is no longer level. People make these things happen. Who allows technicians access in your company? When last did someone arrive unexpectedly to check a building system?

What to Do if You Suspect Something

Our electronic detection services are discreet, effective and affordable. However the benefits of bog sweepingare undone if the criminal gets a tip-off. Keep your concerns to yourself until you have eliminated the people you can trust. Leave the premises. Find a phone that you know is safe. A public one some distance away is often a good bet.

Call QCI Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788 any time that suits, or post a message on our website asking us to be in contact. Explain that you think you are being bugged, and why this is so. Nominate a date and time when only you will be at the premises. We work day and night throughout the year. We both know why.

What We Do for You

Our tactical security counter measures –TSCM for short – comprise a detailed physical inspection of likely hiding places, followed by a comprehensive electronic sweep of every part of your premises. We leave no stone unturned and no possibility unexplored. We know where to look, and we use the best equipment available on the market.

The benefits of bug sweeping (TSCM)  the Qld Covert Investigations way include detailed investigations of

  • Offices, workshops and other buildings
  • Vehicles, parking lots and grounds
  • Computers, telephones and networks
  • Other possibilities depending on your enterprise

Other Threats to Your Privacy

Bugs are not restricted to your place of work. Your competition knows that you share what happened during the day with your spouse when you get home from work. To optimise the benefits of bug sweeping we should also check your home for hidden cameras and listening devices. The shady world of business is as bad as that.

To put your mind at rest, contact QCI Covert Investigations for a confidential chat at any time of night and day on 1300 553 788. We have the expertise and we have the tactical specialists to outwit the criminals who are trying to harm your business. This does not need to happen. It is our job to help eliminate the possibility.

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