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How Australian People Search for Loved Ones

The Australian Federal Police report some 35,000 people go missing every year. Half of these are young people. The balance are likely to be seniors, adults or small children. Of the total number, 85% return within a week and 99.5% eventually. This means approximately 180 Australians disappear every year never to return. Qld Covert Investigations helps Australian people search for loved ones successfully.

11 Ways Australian People Search for Missing People

  1. Speed is of the essence when you cannot find a loved one. Qld Covert Investigations suggests the following ways to find a missing person quickly and effectively:
  2. Contact the police the instant you have cause to worry. The sooner you tell them the sooner they start to look.
  3.  Provide them with an information kit in digital form. That way they can easily distribute it to people involved in other Australian people searches.
  4. Maintain a record of everybody you speak to about the missing person. Remember to ask for contact information.
  5. Register the missing person’s details with the national missing persons coordination centre of the Australian Federal Police.
  6. Contact acquaintances and friends. Build a timeline showing where the missing person was seen recently, and what they were doing there.
  7. Contact institutions that support people suffering trauma. Speak to local hospitals, jails and even coroners.
  8.  Use social media. A surprising number of missing Australian people searches end positively there. Remember to provide feedback to your audience.
  9. Put up posters everywhere people congregate. Supermarkets, petrol stations, libraries and community notice boards are all great.
  10. Tell everybody you know what has happened and ask for help. An Australian people search works best using a broad-based approach.
  11. Get the local media involved. They have a community commitment and are always on the   hunt for something newsworthy.

If Your Efforts are Unsuccessful

QLD Covert Investigations recommends you contact us in parallel to implementing the above, just in case we uncover something we could pass to you. We will be in a better position to start immediately if your efforts do not produce results within 24 hours. The trail goes cold quickly with an Australian people search.  We have helped hundreds of clients locate missing persons in Australia, New Zealand and other places.

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