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Could You Do Your Own Infidelity Surveillance in Seven Steps?

Unfaithfulness usually occurs in places the jilted partner never goes. That’s why clients ask us to do infidelity surveillances on their behalf. However, in a number of instances they might have discovered critical clues if they looked. Here are seven suggestions if you decide to do your own infidelity surveillance.

7 Tips When You Do Your Own Infidelity Surveillance

# 1 – They Carry the Phone Everywhere They Go

You learned to predict your partner’s phone habits. However, if they start taking the phone with them to the bathroom this could signal something.

# 2 – They Start Giving You Unwanted Gifts

Why would an unfaithful partner want to spoil you? It’s simple really. They are feeling guilty. They feel better when they make up for it in their minds.

# 3 – They Are More Conscious of Their Appearance

We become so comfortable with our partners we hardly notice what we are wearing. But things change when we are dating someone else, and want to look our best!

# 4 – They Are Not Interested in a Family Holiday

Your cheating partner – if that’s the case – has their secret places where they rendezvous with lover. Why would they sacrifice these when they are bored with you?

# 5 – They Feel Like a Different Person in Bed

This one is a little closer to the bone. Long-standing partners have established bedroom routines. Be worried if your partner’s loving habits alter.

# 6 – They Change Their Style of Underwear

You have heard of unfaithful partners adapting hairstyles to suit their new lover.  Underwear changes happen surprisingly often after they become intimate together.

# 7 – Something Just Does Not Feel Right

Well it should probably not, if your spouse shows several of those signs! Intuition is something we cannot explain. However, it sometimes unerringly comes true.

Would You Like QLD Covert Investigations to Confirm Your Gut Feel?

QLD Covert Investigations handles a constant flow of clients asking us to do infidelity surveillances in their behalf. Call our hotline number 1300 553 788 or  0401 553 551 in Queensland, Australia to arrange a confidential meeting. Our send us an email message anytime it suits. We won’t charge for the first initial consultation when you call. Private and Confidential

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