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CCTV For Home or Businesses: 5 Key Benefits

Is your home or business protected?

 The world is changing each year largely due to massive advancements in technology and engineering.

 Keeping up with the technological advances in your field can mean the difference between a safe business and an exposed one.

Installing CCTV (closed circuit television) is a proven option for businesses throughout Queensland and Australia. CCTV is an excellent security measure, which provides a priceless peace of mind that makes your investment worthwhile.

Don’t currently have CCTV in operation on your home or business premises? With quick installation and affordable costs, there are high-quality security systems for your home business any time you’re ready.

 Outlined below are the 5 key benefits of installing CCTV in your business.

#1 – Improved Employee Safety

 While you probably think of CCTV as protecting you against criminals and danger, these systems also provide safety for your employees.

For example, in sectors where workers regularly interact with members of the public, some interactions can lead to a dispute. CCTV makes it easier to resolve a dispute and reduce the chances of it happening again.

 CCTV footage can also protect employees from false allegations or attacks by members of the public. Another sector where close monitoring may be essential in environments where sensitive materials are produced or processed. In such environments, watching staff is necessary to prevent accidents.

#2 – Prevents Crime

 Businesses with CCTV cameras in place are less likely to be targeted by criminals.

 Seeing a camera staring back can help deter would-be criminals.

 By installing security cameras in strategic places, you can monitor all traffic coming in and out of your business. CCTV video security systems are effective as they let potential criminals know they are being monitored, which deters them from illegal activity on your business premises.

 Commercial architect Rick Buick says more and more businesses are opting for CCTV. He explains “businesses are 4 times more likely to be burglarized than a home. With businesses potentially losing thousands each year to shoplifting, there’s been a sharp increase in CCTV installations. For any Australian business thinking about doing the same, the benefits are many.”

 As soon as you put up a sign informing the public that CCTV is in operation at your business premises, you’ll be safeguarding yourself against some possible threats.

#3 – Reduced Insurance Premiums

 A CCTV surveillance system is a sign to insurance companies that you are a responsible business owner who is doing everything possible to prevent crimes taking place on your premises.

 Many insurance companies incentivise businesses to install CCTV by offering annual premium reductions. This is because the insurance companies know that businesses with CCTV systems installed are less risky and they most likely won’t have to deal with any false claims due to the availability of video evidence.

 However, electrical safety expert Paul Ferguson explains you’ll need to take care of your CCTV system to enjoy the full benefits. He explains “exterior cameras can be easily damaged if not cared for properly. Having your CCTV system damaged means wasted money, and criminals could unknowingly take advantage of that. So while your cameras watch out for you, you’ll need to watch out for them.”

 Hidden security cameras and outdoor CCTV are a win-win for businesses and insurers.

#4 – Assists Authorities

 If your business premises faces a criminal incident, such as a robbery, CCTV cameras will prove to be crucial tools.

 Queensland police can use footage from your business’s CCTV security system to help identify those responsible for breaking the law. This is especially valuable if any faces are shown on the footage.

 Video surveillance systems can make the work of detectives much easier when it comes to solving business break-in cases. It’s important that you store CCTV footage for a sufficient period of time, as some crimes can go unreported for several days or weeks.

#5 – Combats False Claims

 CCTV cameras can help protect you from false allegations.

 There can be instances where a business’s employees or customers falsely claim to have suffered an injury on the premises. Businesses are legally obligated to pay compensation and in most cases, it won’t be insurance providers paying the bill.

 In addition to compensation costs, businesses might also have to pay large legal fees. Interesting, some of those claims can be false, but businesses often lack the evidence to prove that they were not responsible.

 Security camera systems can help to prevent your business from having to pay out for any costly false claims, as you will have video evidence.

Are you ready to protect your business?

CCTV systems will help protect your business from criminal opportunists, while keeping your premise and team safe.

CCTV cameras are one of the most effective security systems as they provide 24/7 video surveillance on your business premises.

 When criminals see that your business has CCTV in operation, they’ll know you’re protected.

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