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Cases of Infidelity Surveillance Where We Made a Difference

We conducted a discreet Infidelity surveillance when the old man became suspicious his daughter’s husband was having an affair. The lawyers sorted the rest

Surveillance is the close often intense observing of a person or group of people who may have committed a crime, or are in the process of doing so.

Straying from a relationship or cheating on a partner may be socially unacceptable; however adultery is not a crime in Australia. That’s because a 1994 federal law decided sex between consenting persons aged 18 or older is a private matter.

The Australian police may therefore not intervene, unless a simultaneous crime is in progress such as physical assault, abduction or kidnapping. However a private detective may do an Infidelity surveillance, within strict rules of respecting privacy.

The Protective Father: Infidelity Surveillance in Action

A father in Brisbane arranged a marriage for his only child, because they belonged to a small minority group. He was anxious to protect his estate from pilfering, because the wealth had come down several generations. Accordingly, he inserted a clause in his daughter’s marriage contract.

This condition prevented the husband inheriting any of his wife’s family wealth if he had an extramarital affair. We conducted a discreet Infidelity surveillance when the old man became suspicious. We tipped him off when we discovered the husband was having affair. The lawyers took care of the rest.

The Case of the Mistaken Lover We Cracked

A widowed, somewhat wealthy Brisbane socialite became talk of the town when she started being seen in company of a handsome young man barely out of his teens. If you recall the star of the movie Titanic then you may understand the attraction.

The socialite should have known better than falling for the young man’s attentions. She showered him with designer clothes to complement the new scarlet Tesla Roadster she gave him. She refused to take advice from any of her friends.

Several of them engaged us to do a discreet Infidelity surveillance of the young man. This proved easy as there were not that many scarlet Teste Roadsters in town. We had the evidence we needed within a few weeks.

The lady in question was only one in three older lovers. He high-tailed it out of town after they got together and confronted him. He was smart enough to leave all the gifts behind. That way, there was no crime to interest the police.

QLD Covert Investigations are Queensland’s Infidelity Surveillance Experts

We solve scores of infidelity cases with our legal, discreet Infidelity surveillance tools. Please contact us by calling 1300 553 788 or email  if we can be of similar assistance. We have a network of investigators throughout Queensland and throughout Australia. We solve most cases within a week.  We are still conducting surveillance during the pendemic practising safe work methodolies.

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