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Bug Sweeps: Brisbane Demand Ticks Up

Google Analytics reports increased interest in our bug sweep services, with consumers staying longer on our pages and more likely to contact us. We also notice a marked increase in requests to find these listening devices, remove them and help protect our clients’ privacy.

Frankly we are not surprised, given the free availability of listening devices on the internet. We do not suppose anybody can stop this. We just need to be aware of the increasing need for bug sweeps Brisbane wide, and conduct them the moment we suspect something is going wrong.

The Reasons for Bug Sweeps Brisbane Clients Request

The underlying reason is a suspicion someone is stealing our data. This could be happening at home with the intention of blackmailing us for our lifestyles, to rob us of our passwords and raid our bank accounts, or to appropriate business information to outwit us in the market place. Covert listening devices also known as bugs are usually microphones linked to radio transmitters.

Listening Devices our Bug Sweeps in Brisbane Found

  • Bugs are purpose-built kit designed for snooping during police investigations, surveillances and spying activities. However they can also appear in the form of software that turns innocent devices into spies.
  • For example, it is possible to turn a cell phone microphone on remotely with advanced equipment, and listen to the conversation in a room where it lies unnoticed.
  • Despite a long-standing embargo, our covert investigations may still turn up bugs installed on car anti-theft tracking systems that hear conversations and transmit them onwards.
  • Researchers are currently investigating ways to collect and transmit sound vibrations from ultra-thin household objects such as the leaves of plants, and even potato crisps.
  • This is an extension of current technology where a laser beam detects audio signals behind a windowpane. We are not saying this is currently happening in Brisbane. However with the spread of technology, it may well happen.

These trends are a harbinger of what lies ahead for Queensland citizens. Bug sweeps in Brisbane are no longer a luxury. They are becoming routine in sensitive areas.

If You Suspect Someone is Stealing Data, You May Need Help

QLD Covert Investigations has a team of bug sweep experts with access to specialists with knowledge of latest developments in listening devices. Speak to us immediately if you suspect someone is violating your privacy or robbing you of critical information. If you require immediate help with bug sweeps in Brisbane or further afield anywhere in Australia, call 1300 553 788 or 0401 553 551 now.

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