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Background Checks for Gold Coast Families and Business

We have been experiencing a spike in demand for background checks Gold Coast wide in the past few months. We get the impression this is due to the current economic downturn and the increasing number of scams promoted on the dark side of the internet. We can only emphasise the importance of not doing business with strangers just because they want to be your friend. Read more here

Findings from Background Checks – Gold Coast Cases

  • The contacts you get on social media, on skype, by email and over the ‘phone are founded on the reciprocity principle that binds society together. Christmas cards are a simple example. If an old friend sends you one, there is huge pressure on you to reciprocate. The Microsoft Scam where someone calls you to alert you to a problem – and offers to help you fix it – uses this same principle.

Unfortunately, we are unable to eliminate this problem with background checks. Gold Coast police seldom know where these people are, and if they are in Australia they pack up and move to another country at the slightest threat. We can however assist with background checks on friends, acquaintances and strangers. Speak to us urgently if an adult stranger is befriending your child. Sweets and Christmas cards work on the same principle.

  • We do background checks for Gold Coast businesspeople on applicants for key jobs, and potential partners they are considering. While it is tempting to take people at face value because of the reciprocal benefits they offer, we believe a full CV is essential because key information is on computers, and a determined person can access them at the level of security most Gold Coast businesses use.

Background Checks Gold Coast Wide by QLD Covert Investigations

We have a team of licenced investigators specialising in business due diligence investigations, and background checks of aspirant partners. We can check the financial position of major clients and help protect you from business scans.

On a private level, we can investigate the background of a person marrying your son or daughter, or the lifestyles of people your teens are hanging around with. We can also do unobtrusive tests for substance and liquor threats.

While many are spared them, criminality and scams are all around us. The perpetrators have experience you will never have, and they may get past your defences.  Call 1300 553 788 as soon as you suspect something is going wrong.

Speak to an expert QLD Covert Investigations PI. Find out how the background check Gold Coast citizens report so well on, may be able to help you too.

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