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4 Tips to Help the Police Find a Missing Person

Discovering someone is missing you have not seen or heard from for a while, can be unnerving and it is easy to panic and expect the worst. We have a 95% chance of them returning safely in a week or less. We also need to be practical and find someone to turn to, to help find a missing person in case they do not come back soon. This could be the police, a trusted friend, or a private investigator such as us.  Read more- www.missingpersonsinaustralia.com.au

4 Things You Must Know and Do

Report the matter to the police as soon as possible

It is not a crime to run away from home, walk out of a job, or leave a partner on their own. The police will not charge a missing person when they find them. Their job is to help you find a missing person, and they will only call the welfare if the person is underage or distressed. There is no waiting time before you can turn for help. The rumours of 24- and 48-hour waiting times are false and you can go down the station right away.

2  The police can help find a missing person of any age.

 Missing persons come in all ages, and ethnic groups and genders. We just think most missing people are children because they make great stories for the media and they concentrate on this group. If you can’t find someone and are worried they might be injured, are ill or otherwise need help tell the police right away. It becomes harder to find a missing person as the days and weeks pass.

3  The police need a complete description of the missing person

Before you go to the police station, gather all the information you have that will help the police recognise the missing person when they see them. You need a clear photograph, preferably head and shoulders and facing the camera. You ideally also need to know their height and weight, and the location of any skin blemishes and tattoos. If you are concerned the person is at special risk because of age or threats, report this.

4  Understand the limitations of the police service

The police’s job is to find a missing person and confirm they are safe. Unless the person is a minor, they may not tell you where they are without their permission. Adults have a right to disappear and the police must respect this.

Qld Covert Investigations can take the matter further because we are licenced private investigators in good standing with the authorities. If you would like us to find a missing person call us on 1300 553 788 before the trail goes colder. Please don’t leave for tomorrow what we might be able to do today.

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