10 Reasons a Person Might Hire a
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10 Reasons a Person Might Hire a Private Investigator

There are many different reasons why people choose to engage the services of a private investigator. Whether you are based in Queensland, or in another state, a private investigator in Brisbane could help you find evidence to support or alleviate specific concerns you might have about a person or organisation; or provide valuable research and security advice for individuals and companies. Here are ten common reasons why people use private investigators.

  1. To catch a cheating spouse or partner. You may want to find out if there’s a reason for suspicions you hold. Unconfirmed suspicions can cause stress, even if the suspicion is unwarranted.
  2. To find a missing person for personal, financial or medical reasons, whether they are thought to be in Australia, or overseas.
  3. To investigate the possibility of workplace theft. If you suspect employee theft is going on in your business, a private investigator may be able to find out for sure, and provide you with proof.
  4. To help with security, including risk assessments and advice, whether you want to help safeguard your business, or your home.
  5. To perform surveillance as part of gathering evidence or intelligence. Surveillance is a very powerful tool, and it can be done day or night to help you find the proof you need for closure, or for legal proceedings.
  6. To investigate claims or suspicions of fraud, whether concerning an individual or an organisation.
  7. To locate assets for pre-court settlements or family court matters. A private investigator can search for evidence of hidden assets including property, shares and business interests.
  8. Insurers often use private investigators to look into suspected false insurance claims, from workplace injury claims to theft claims.
  9. Lawyers and individuals sometimes use investigators to assist in gathering defence evidence in criminal cases and/or locating witnesses.
  10. To gather evidence in intellectual property matters – for example, where a brand name product is cheaply replicated and sold as the genuine product.

Private investigators come with a diverse range of skills, and unlike the private detectives portrayed in many old films, are trained to blend in with their environment, and not attract attention.
Whether you want research on an individual, a group of individuals or an organisation, a private investigator in Brisbane or the surrounding area, may be able to help. When you are looking at engaging the services of a private investigator, make sure they are properly licensed and experienced in the type of matter you need assistance with.

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