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Qld Covert Investigations uses a diverse range of proven techniques to trace and locate assets.

Our Private Investigators have access to a number of information sources whereby we can provide historic and live data to assist with  locating missing or hidden assets.  These types of Private Investigations can be complex and may require either factual investigations and/or covert surveillance to gather information to assist with the locating assets matter.

During our 17 years of operations in the Private Investigations industry, we have assisted numerous personal and corporate Clients with gathering evidence and information in relation to:

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It is amazing how and to what length people will go to hide assets and money to keep for themselves. You would be amazed at what assets we have found that our Clients were not previously aware of. Some of these include:


The majority of spouses and/or business partners do not know that the located assets ever existed! Hiding assets to benefit the owner is a common issue and requires investigating in order to prove that they exist.

Qld Covert Investigations has relationships with experienced expert Solicitors and Accountants that can provide specialised assistance and due counsel to assist in complex matters.

If you need professional help for personal or business reasons, call the Private Investigators from Qld Covert Investigations who can help to locate hidden assets today! Don’t waste any time – contact us now via email at gm@qldcovertpi.com.au or 1300 553 788 to discuss your matter and to ensure you receive what you are entitled to.