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Reasons to Consider Bug Sweeps in Your Conference Room

Covert listening devices come in different forms, although they all contain a tiny microphone and radio transmitter. These are not always purpose-made for snooping though. With the right equipment, someone may have already turned your smartphone into a listening device. Given the sensitive nature of discussions in your conference room about your business, and your clients, it makes sense to conduct bug sweeps before critical meetings. This is especially so given the increasing complexity of these covert listening devices. [ Read more ]

The Increasingly Intricate Challenges Facing Bug Sweeps

Counter intelligence was simpler in 1946, when the Soviet Union presented the American ambassador in Moscow with a copy of the Great Seal of the United States. After he hung it in his residential study, it transmitted all his conversations until his successor discovered it seven years later. Nowadays bug sweeps face greater challenges.

  • Static bugs can be set to operate during business hours only. Unless discreetly done, bug sweeping can be a discouraging distraction to staff. The process is complex because of short-duration transmissions and frequency hopping. New technology is developing ways to transmit audio through laser beams, and detect sound vibrations using objects as thin a potato crisps.
  • Bugs are increasingly portable, thanks to nano-technology miniaturising them. A person coming to a meeting might easily conceal a bug if left alone in the room for a moment. They could also wear a listening device in their clothing and instantly transmit your strategic information to your competition. Bug sweeps are the only way to detect this.
  • The increasing complexity of modern office design necessitates regular visits by computer, infrastructure, and air conditioning technicians. There are almost unlimited places where they could slip in a bug and depart undetected. Did you know technology exists to transmit conversations through a car’s emergency and tracking systems?

Business Data Confidentiality is Moving in Uncharted Waters

Who can say what American, Russian, and Chinese spies are dreaming up while business slumbers. What we do know is their technology will find a way to get to market because the pickings are good. We ignore bug sweeps in our conference rooms at our peril. A careless comment can drop strategic details into a hidden microphone without us noticing.

If you are negotiating with an important client, or developing a new product or service, you should consider discussing bug sweeps with QLD Covert Investigations.

We have the latest equipment available, and we train to the highest standards.  More information You can call us on 1300 553 788 in strictest confidence.

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