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Mass Surveillance in Australia: How Private Are We Really

We delude ourselves if we think only we know about our private affairs. The hack begins with our phones, where Australian law requires prepaid mobile providers to confirm our identity. On the internet, Google’s transparency report records a steady increase in requests for information from governments and courts. This form of mass surveillance is also surprisingly common in Australia and increasing by approximately 20% every year. [ Read more article here

Telstra also reports a rising trend. Between July 2015 and June 2016 it received, and acted on 92,882 requests for customer information. Moreover, discussions are ongoing to allow the Australian Security Intelligence Organization to hack into computers and ‘modify them’. This technology already exists. The question is who else has access to it.

Mass Surveillance Even About Us When Traveling

Australia has signed an international accord to share information in advance concerning international travellers. While we wholeheartedly support the anti-terrorism drive, it is quite alarming how far our details are spreading. Armed with sufficient information, a curious person can often join up more dots. This is another reason to think twice before we agree to information requests. Telephone and internet surveys by strangers should be denied.

What We Can Do as Individuals to Counter This

We have to accept requests for local traveller data, if we want to ride on Australia’s commuter system. This includes Brisbane’s Go Card, Adelaide’s Metro Card, Melbourne’s Myki, and Perth’s Smart Rider. Their requests are legitimate and understandable. What happens if their data is hacked is another matter. If this happened to our data, somebody could already be trying to hack into our computer.

Fortunately, this is the point where we can do something about mass surveillance. We can password-protect computer access, take sensitive data to offline backup, and use tools on the cloud to store encrypted passwords. However, we are still at risk from hackers that shuffle digits patiently, until they crack our login codes through persistence.

How QLD Covert Investigations Can Help Defend Your Data

We have exceptionally skilful digital forensic investigators. They know how to recover lost data quickly and efficiently. They can also report unauthorised access, and remove spyware, key loggers, and monitoring software from servers, networks, and computers. Please caontact us on 1300 553 788 or email us if you think someone is interfering with your data. This may not only be a result of mass surveillance. It could be your business partner, your employee, your competition, or someone you trust on a personal level.

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