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Malicious Employee Activity – The Achilles Heel of Business

The mythical Achilles heel was a deadly weakness that took a powerful Greek god down when an arrow struck it. All businesses have weak points too and we are here to help you identify them. These may be new products under development and the marketing strategies to launch them. They can also be as simple as our banking pins falling into the wrong hands.

Employees can intentionally – or unintentionally – do their employer’s company serious harm. This unwanted employee activity is especially worrisome where staff work without adequate supervision. They could:

ü  Make a genuine mistake that adversely affects company cash flow

ü  Innocently mention something to a friendly stranger after hours

ü  Upset a critical customer without intending to do so

ü  Accidentally damage a piece of equipment

These are things best addressed through training and retraining that can realign employee activity to company goals. However, employees can also sometimes be deliberately vicious. When they feel aggrieved and have access to the opportunity, they may:

ü  Sabotage a key piece of equipment or process

ü  Develop a surly attitude that drives customers away

ü  Sell your critical business data like forward orders to a competitor

ü  Siphon reserves away through raw material theft and banking fraud

Naturally you do everything you can to avoid this kind of employee activity, by following astute recruitment practices. Unfortunately, things can still go wrong in any relationship. Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned. In our experience, hell can have no fury like a vengeful employee too. Many employers are afraid to prosecute because of bad publicity. Employees know this. Challenge them, and they walk out the door.

QLD Covert Investigations has a team of undercover agents that we can call on. These people come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Between them, they know the ins and outs of financial management, stock control and manufacturing. One of them is particularly good at remotely scanning computer files. We can use a variety of scenarios to deploy them seamlessly in any organization.

A casual question from an undercover telephone technician like ‘what’s this place like to work in’ can cause a resentful insider to open up completely, while an office cleaner has ample time to sift through notes carelessly left in wastepaper baskets. Conversations often continue unabated as the tea trolley does the rounds. The possibilities are endless. Just like QLD Covert Investigations’ determination to uncover fraud.

It can happen that an employer already suspects an insider threat, but is unable to deal with it because of labour law. If you find yourself in this situation, may we recommend you call us on 1300 553 788 from a third party phone, or send us a message from your home computer in the evening. We have an operative on standby throughout the night and over weekends. We could be sharing your concerns regarding suspicious employee activity, and seeking solutions within a few hours.

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