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Infidelity Investigations – Is Your Partner Cheating?

That is an alarming question. You could be on your way to tiresome litigation and eventual separation. How secure are your finances? Custody over children is a worrisome issue. And what about your reputation? You need your counter argument in place. Hell hath no fury like a partner scorned and QLD Covert Investigations is here to help you build your case.

The Weight of Evidence Wins a Partner Cheating Case

Do not become a victim of partner cheating. Australian courts do their best to be impartial but lawyers are convincing too. Courts rely on objective evidence when deciding merits and making decisions, but also consider the objectivity of evidence. The lawyer for your ex can rip shreds through your audios, videos and date stamped photos by asking attacking questions you do not expect. In situations like this where your partner is cheating you need a credible witness by your side.

QLD Covert Investigations Tips the Judicial Scales

We have been serving the Queensland and New South Wales communities for over ten years and have made a difference in the infidelity cases we have attended. Membership of the Australian Institute of Private Detectives AIPD counts in courtrooms as does registration with ASIAL and we hold both in addition to an exemplary professional reputation. There is no way a defence attorney can dispute this. When we build a convincing case together, we are on the highway to success.

How to Tap Into the QLD Formula for Success

We ask you to level with us down the line. If you do not, then your partner cheating has a lawyer that is going to hope find a gap and demolish your case. This you cannot afford. This is unlikely to happen if you have GPS-stamped, date stamped, and credible digital and personal evidence presented by an inspirational Queensland private detective with many infidelity assignments behind them that made the difference.

May We Make the Difference for You Too?

QLD Covert Investigations has a team of private investigators / private detectives with a mass of experience behind them. We have brought cheating partners to book and won our clients strategic advantages in terms of child custody, financial restitution and rights to live in their own homes. Call us on 1300 553 788 or email us right away. We are on your side and want to help you with your cheating partner right away. For more details, checkout the website .

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